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02. Regulatory and Compliance

Legal Research and Analysis

We at MD Legal understand the requirement for evolving systems and processes within an organization. Ever evolving requirements in an organisation need constant and regular analysis of its activities to ensure identification and implementation of legal compliance on an on-going basis. We leave behind the mere checklist approach and offer our legal research and analytical skills to organisations to enable them to cope with legal and regulatory issues that affect their business.    

Legal Due Diligence and Audits

An investigation into affairs and health of a company becomes relevant at the time of undertaking a business proposal or investment by a company. Any restructuring of a company in the form of mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, joint ventures or collaborations or any other business proposal requires an investigation into the status of the target company by conducting a thorough due diligence.


With ever growing and developing processes in an organization, requirement for continuous compliance also calls for an assessment of compliance status and conducting of legal audits at regular intervals.


MD Legal’s team of legal experts have relevant expertise and significant knowledge for facilitating legal due diligence or legal audit. We identify issues and concerns relating to the target company and the proposed business decisions and undertake a comprehensive due diligence study on issues including but not limited to concerns under company law, company’s directors, key managerial personnel’s interests and conflicts, share capital, shareholders’ interests, applicable licenses, permits, approvals, employment law and industrial relations, assets of the company, its customers, employee contracts and other enabling statutory compliances, environmental law and issues, confidentiality, foreign operations, all legal and regulatory compliances and litigation. We provide solutions and visibility to businesses to take a call on the proposed business transaction by mitigating the risk of unexpected liabilities.

Legal Risk Assessment and Management

We possess an integrated approach towards providing solutions to legal and regulatory issues which have direct or indirect impact on businesses. Our expertise and sufficient experience help assess and evaluate the risks involved in the business and provide specialized services to manage and mitigate such risks.  To address such risks, organisations are required to assess the level of their compliance on continuous basis and the risk associated with such risks in case of non-compliance. We assist organisations to identify such risks and the reasons for such compliance failure.  Analysis of risks involved calls for mitigation of risks and compliance management. Therefore, MD Legal offers cost effective legal compliance assessment and management services to such organisations through an outsourcing concept which enables them to focus on their core business.

Legal Risk Implementation

MD Legal undertakes compliance implementation services by liaisoning with the company for effective and timely execution and discharge of their compliance obligations. We assist companies by providing them compliance manuals, conducting legal research and complete tracking of their compliance status which may also include visiting the respective locations of our clients.

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MD Legal is an industry leader in providing legal compliance assessment and management services. Clients conducting business in various sectors in India and overseas are turning to MD Legal for legislative compliance related advice. We at MD Legal take care of an organisation’s entire statutory and legal compliance obligations including obligations related to compliances with respect to employment law, environmental law, taxation law, sector-wise or industry specific laws such as medical laws, telecom laws, insurance laws and others. The firm recognizes the dynamism prevalent in existing legislations and statutes and thus constantly monitors changes in the laws so laid down. The firm focuses in making its clients acquainted with the changes in existing laws applicable to their organisations and is committed to meet client specific needs. The firm is dedicated to offer services related to measuring and managing risk across multiple legal and regulatory mandates and jurisdictions.

We have experience across several industries/sectors, including Energy and Natural Resources, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Construction, Hotels, Sports and Leisure, Real Estate, Consumer Goods and Retail, Security, Aviation, Shipping and Maritime, Transport, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing , Telecommunication, Information Technology.

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